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Experience & Creativity

DiDio & Associates provide intelligent information, industry expertise and innovative thinking to deliver accurate, trusted, sustainable information. What gives us the edge is our passion for the work we do and those we do it for.

Meet the team

Angela DiDio
Marketing Specialist

Designed from its inception in 1988 to provide a personalized approach to marketing, DiDio & Associates is lead by Angela’s passion for innovation in design and critical thinking. Her expertise lies primarily in the development industry and its’ related professions which have led her to retail and professional organizations who are seeking design driven marketing projects. She serves clients needs by her capacity to implement creative and sustainable marketing solutions through effective advertising, graphics, marketing and public relations solutions that contribute to achieving specific strategic goals.

“It is my belief that it is not one single creative thought, from one source, that makes a marketing effort successful. It is the combined force of marketing elements focused on a common goal and being open to a collaborative and cohesive vision which allows us all to exceed our expectations.”

By staying true to her belief in collaboration in the highly competitive professional marketing community, she is committed to finding innovative and sustainable marketing solutions with purpose for her clients.

Lucia Lento
Senior Graphic Designer

As principal of our design partnerDropDeadDesign, Lucia adds a refreshing but practical approach to each project. Her strengths lie in her ability to elevate each project beyond the expectations of the client and her ability to use her graphic design knowledge to best represent the client’s needs.

Dawn Sanders
Graphic & Web Designer/Developer

As principal of our partner Urban Digital, Dawn's award winning graphic solutions are based in finding the bridge between technology and imagery and joining the two for positive marketing results. The ability to see each project as a complete marketing structure that will include the newest of technological tools and blend them with dynamic imagery to engage the target audience into acting is key in her solutions.